In Lesa, on the hills overlooking Lake Maggiore, stands B&B La Torretta; it was built in 1542 and was once a watchtower with a dovecote. It is said locally that, from this tower someone (perhaps Pietro, the soldier who wrote the fresco on the house wall) observed the wide stretch of the lake to spy on commercial traffic and hence could send messages with pigeons at the nearest customs to collect the duty on the goods.
La Torretta benefits of a pleasant microclimate thanks to the excellent position. Since year 700 the area was a favorite destination for vacationing on the lake, among green hills and orchards.
Today, after renovations and extensions, it has become the home of Sara and Michele and of their guests.

The building

In 2007 the building was completely renovated respecting the original architecture and energy-saving criteria.
From the entire building, immersed in an enchanting atmosphere, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the lake which is just 2 km away: from the cantilevered terraces the view sweeps both shores of Lake Maggiore and the plain of Lesa below. In the morning you will be awakened by the singing of birds or that of our frogs.
In 2014 B&B La Torretta expanded and two new rooms were built that sum up to the initial one in the dovecote tower. Both the restoration measures and the new building have taken full account of the environmental / ecological and energy saving criteria. Solar panels, heat pumps, insulation, soundproofing and an innovative heating system can reduce emissions to a minimum.
The land of about 5,000 square meters, exposed to the sun from dawn to dusk is composed of a richly planted terraced garden, crossed by a small stream currently used as a natural vegetable garden following the indications of Masanobu Fukuoka.
Guests are reserved three large panoramic rooms overlooking the lake, bright and quiet with a large balcony or terrace, separate entrance, each one with a private bathroom with large shower. The two new rooms have an equipped kitchens and air conditioning. In the garden there is a dedicated space for guests only. Animals are welcome.